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Class Stand-Up and Musical Comedy with Sarah May Philo -19th October

Who are you?

Sarah May Philo, a short, blonde comedienne of 28 years of age. I began doing a few nights of stand-up a week in London while trying to be a proper actress. I failed and found gin and tonic worked better for me. I took comedy a lot more seriously in 2010 doing my first solo show in the Edinburgh Fringe.

What’s your show about?

It’s about me, to be honest. A lot of my background together with music and a bit of audience banter.

Is this the first time you’ve played in Manchester?

In a solo show, yes. I’ve gigged there and I loved the audiences! Northern comedy audiences are outstanding  – always up for a good night!

How long have you been doing comedy?

I did my first gig in New York in 2005. That sounds a lot better than it actually was. I was inebriated at the time and trying to do an impression of a Scottish duck.

What are the 3 funniest words in the English language?

Balderdash. Bodger – it’s a real word not just some strange pal of a puppet badger, and Cockshut – because it makes me giggle.

Show starts at 7PM 19Th October 2011 and is approximately 1 hour long.

Tickets are £5.

Shows in Apotheca are part of the 2011 Manchester Comedy Festival.

Apotheca Bar: 17 Thomas Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester M4 1FS Venue Website


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