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THE FALL BY NUMBERS – 24th October

Who are you?

Who am I? Who are you, more like? Send your answers on the back of a postcard to me at my Facebook page. I’m funny lady Susan Vale. I’ve been performing stand up for eight score and several years and still look nowhere near my real age of 63 years old. My usual stand up act consists of jokes, some of which are so near the knuckle they’re coming out of my palms. As well as performing stand up and compering I’ve also written for Radio 4, was in Bastard Funny (Manchester based live sketch show), I’ve performed as part of Robin Ince’s bookclub both around the UK and at Latitude Festival. I was Phil Ellis’s indispensable assistant for his quiz show. I’ve also performed several characters for Peter Slater’s W.A.R.T show as well as playing a character in ‘Mark’s on the Blog’ (Hat trick) and other comedy things.

What’s your show about?

They say write about what you know……well I don’t really know anything so I went for the next best thing and have written about what I like – The Fall. The show is about favourite things and how they link up events in one’s life. We all have a favourite thing that we would take to a desert island; mine happens to be the complete works of The Fall…….and a huge tub of moisturiser – I get very dry skin. Alongside my lovely self the show features: The Fall bingo, prizes, music and dancing.

Is this the first time you’ve played in Manchester?

No – I’ve played Manchester many times in the past. I did this show as part of last year’s festival and am bringing it back due to popular demand.

 How long have you been doing comedy?

See question 1

What are the 3 funniest words in the English language?

Most words are funny if said right. Three of my favourites are:

Anything else you want to add?

No knowledge of The Fall necessary to enjoy the show.

I don’t have as many cats as my publicity picture would have you believe.

Show details

Show starts at 7PM 24Th October 2011 and is approximately 50 minutes.

Tickets are £5.

Shows in Apotheca are part of the 2011 Manchester Comedy Festival.

Apotheca Bar: 17 Thomas Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester M4 1FS Venue Website


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