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Would you like to help out the performers at Apotheca?


Would you like to help the performers who are playing at Apotheca this comedy festival?

If you live or work in Manchester would you consider printing off one of these posters and putting it up at work or somewhere that people are likely to see it, for example, a staff room, a shop window, canteen, changing room even toilets. Even if the poster is only seen by 10 people that’s 10 people more than knew about the shows before.

The shows at Apotheca are not as commercially viable as the shows in the bigger venues and it would be good if the performers could recover their travel expenses and other overheads involved with doing the show.

These posters are designed to just print out on a regular black and white printer with no fuss. Here’s  the A4 versions

VERSION 1 Black Background White Lettering

VERSION 2 White Background Black Lettering

If you put one up somewhere, take a photo on your phone, email it to me  and you can have a free ticket to any show at Apotheca. If you put one up and don’t take a photo, you can still have a warm fuzzy feeling inside from helping out all the performers at Apotheca.


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